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looks like you folks had a wonderful day.

heidi husnak

Lovely place. That cute turtle, I would almost bet my first born on, is from the Southern United States and is a red-eared slider. Wikki says they are popular pets in Japan. :)


beau temple, beau jardin,belle promenade....


That ice cream looks good right about now with this heat and rain we are getting. It is going to be a long rainy month.


Even after a century of modernization, Japan still offers much beauty and grace in its architectural and cultural traditions. Eating handmade soba at a temple in summer is a quintessentially Japanese experience... I'm glad you enjoyed!


Thanks for the comments!

Heidi, you're right. Red-eared sliders are probably the most common pond turtle in Japan. They are said to be a big problem as they compete with the native turtles, but of all Japan's invasive species (people are constantly buying exotic pets and abandoning them in the wild) they don't seem so bad. I often see sliders and Japanese turtles in the same pond and everyone seems to get along just fine.

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